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21 May 2009 @ 02:20 pm
Oh I'm a rambling man  
So I go through phases, and currently I'm in a phase where I have trouble posting. Just hard to stay motivated to work on this when there isn't something of real note driving my thought processes.

Of late I've let a lot of my future planning lay fallow. I occasionally flip through the Mutants and Masterminds book, but really need to sit down with the fantasy supplement and work out characters to see what it would look like. But again, I'm not really sure what I gain by using it as opposed to something we are familiar with. It may just be easier to adapt some of what I want (less focus on "hard rules" and more shared narrative combat, some sort of hero point type system, etc). And I need to really sit down with the Savage Worlds rules and see what I can do.

Partly, some of my laziness is being excused by thinking about getting to see some of this in action at Origins in June... I've gotten in games for a Mutants and Masterminds game, a Spirit of the Century mod for fantasy games, and Silvervine (which isn't something I've talk about much). Nothing like playing in a game t get a feel for it, so my planning may wait till after that... not that it's in a real rush at the rate we accomplish things in our group.

Speaking of, the 4e game proceeds slowly. Lots of schedule and health issues have kept our pace slow. But I like the rules in general. I have fun, and ultimately I think that is the goal anyways. It's possible I'll run 4e when it's my turn again anyways... a modified version for sure, but I kinda like the simplicity of planning that goes with it. Eh.
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