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20 January 2009 @ 03:03 pm
Any sufficiently advanced magic is indistinguishable from technology...  
So in my rambling boredom of trolling through the RPGBloggers network I came across a post dealing with a game called Alpha Omega. Released last January the game is a... well... it's sorta like Rifts I guess, only not Palladium and not quite as insane. Futuristic post-apocalyptic with magic (of some sort) and technology side by side. Angels and devils (who may just be some sort of aliens) coming to earth to fight some ancient war. They find a world that's been gut punched by war and biological contamination, but still teaming with now technologically advanced humans that might actually pose a threat... or be good allies. Sounds interesting to me...

Of course in my investigation what I've found makes me sorta... less enthused. The community seems nearly dead, the forums have posts from 6 months on the first page. And the "Coming soon" second book is still "coming soon" nearly a year later. The system looks like it might be overly... umm.. dense? Complex? I dunno. Regardless I've decided to get a copy to take a look at it and see what happens. Or at least I'm trying to get one through my local game shop. We'll see if I'm motivated enough to pick up a copy through the web if he can't get me one.
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